What is BillShrink

BillShrink is a free cost-savings tool that works continuously to save you money on your everyday expenses. Given the vast number of complex offers and plans, such as those from the major mobile carriers and credit card issuers, chances are pretty good you’re paying more than you need to.

We make it simple to compare what you’ve got to what they’re offering. And if you’re like most people, that means significant savings. Isn’t that just how things on the Web should be? Incredibly useful, simple and free.

It’s free

And simple to use

We do the tedious work

We do the math then constantly track millions of options in the market for you

See your real options

Compare what you’re paying to money-saving alternatives

Keep saving

Credit card rates and options change constantly. We notify you when card offers change so you can save even more.

8 out of 10 overpay on their credit cards

BillShrink helps compare cards from American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, HSBC , Wells Fargo and many more issuers to find the best cell credit card for you.

How does it work?

Tell us a little

Tell us a little

Take a couple of seconds to tell us about your specific usage and we search all the combinations to find you savings.

Save a lot

Save a lot

See exactly how much you can save compared to your current bills and then we’ll help you start saving right away.

Keep on saving

Keep on saving

We continuously track market changes and send you an email alert if better savings are available.

What people are saying

Miriam from Cresco, PA said:
My bill was $100.96 per month, and I was paying for a whole bunch of features I seldom used. Bill shrink calculated a plan for my usage and now I am going to save $40.00 a month.
Renee from Arlington, TN said:
This is just unbelievable! I imported all my billing info in a snap and it compared what I have to other plans. I found out I could be saving over $300.00 a year. I just happened to be reading an article on CNN.com and found this web site. Everyone needs to know about this!!!
Matthew from Five Thirteen Blog said:
It’s pretty ingenius. You provide BillShrink with how many anytime minutes you use, how much your average phone bill is, and your zip code. They provide you with plans that best match the information provided.

And on Twitter…

MonikahOgando: Great free resource 2 optimize ur bill expenses: www.billshrink.com
Passionfish: Just used BillShrink to find the least expensive gas… How cool was that?
Nszumowski: just discovered Billshrink.com – map out gas stations on your route to work and see which is cheapest. kind of cool!
Jtyost2: Coolest and simplest registration process ever: http://www.billshrink.com/ go and try it out if you don’t believe me

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