September 20 2010|04.00 PM UTC

Erik Chang

BlackBerry Storm 3 Appears in the Wild

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Remember the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, the BlackBerry Storm 2? (Yup, there was two of them.) Regardless if you recall Research in Motion’s haphazard attempt into the touchscreen smartphone world, they are certainly not giving up. ¬† is showing via an anonymous tipster what appears to be the BlackBerry Storm 3.

No real world yet on the full specs, but so far the tipster cited a 3.7 inch display along with 8GB of internal memory (a definite large internal size for a BlackBerry device).

The original Storm was released back in late 2008, with mixed reviews from critics and was available through Verizon Wireless in the U.S. Though its call quality was received positively, the Storm’s distinctive “SurePress” touchscreen was panned by most gadget reviewers as an actual backstep to fast typing. For the Storm 2 which was released a year later, the SureType screen and multi-touch experience was improved but the phone was otherwise relatively the same (more RAM, 1 GB more of internal memory along with WiFi capability).

The Storm 3 will most certainly be sporting RIM’s new BlackBerry OS 6.0, which is known to be more mainstream focus and was RIM’s attempt to catch up to iOS and Android features (such as a modern Webkit-based mobile browser). Though there is no doubt in my mind that the Storm 3 will be a better device than its predecessors, users are more likely to experience an incremental improvement rather than some revolutionary design/innovation.

Time will tell if this upcoming touch-focused BlackBerry equipped with the revamped OS will help stem the tide of iOS and Android avalanche.

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