September 26 2010|04.00 PM UTC

Erik Chang

Windows 7 Phone U.S. Release Date: October 11th

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Update: Engadget is pretty damn sure its being released on October 11th with T-Mobile presenting Windows Phone 7 powered devices.

There’s been at least three different dates I’ve spotted through the past week on Windows 7 phone’s release date, with October 11, being the original date some suspected (turns out its just MSFT’s annual event). October 21st has also been mentioned as a European launch date, and as of today, Paul Thurrott over at Windows Phone Secret mentions November 8th as a U.S. release date via a very “reliable source.”

Personally, no one in my immediate social-circle knows or cares about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform (but to be fair to Microsoft, my social circle is ridiculously small — *sniff*). Despite this, the hype is being evidently built up by the Microsoft marketing machine, and the addition of another modern mobile operating system to the contentious smartphone warfare can be refreshing and overall good for the consumers.

Check out this latest Windows Phone 7 ad, featuring the HTC Mondrian on AT&T Wireless:

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