April 12 2011|05.49 AM UTC

Samantha Eckles

Middle Class Meltdown: Sink Or Swim Time

Category: Featured, Personal Finance, SR

As the housing market sublimates, leaving the middle class to sink or swim in an arctic economic weather, people have been noticing trends. Food stamps have become a staple in many families’ lives, as has the stress between paychecks, and the fear of retirement without savings. Learn more in the infographic below, and find out if you are treading water better than most!

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Middle Class Meltdown: Sink Or Swim Time

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msouth May 7, 2011 at 5:34 pm

Nice graphics, but “loss of income” is not what’s killing the housing market. The housing market was an insane bubble built on the two headed monster of a Fed holding interest rates extremely irresponsibly low coupled with a gigantic government sponsored entity willing to buy a mortgage from anyone in the country.

If you want to understand it all just take a litte time and watch this:


This is in 2006. It sounds like the news from 2007-8 and onward when everyone else finally figured out what Peter was saying all along. You can find video of “experts” literally laughing at him when he said stuff like this to financial journalists.


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