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Jenny Edwards

Free Housing – Jobs In America That Include A Home

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For creative and adventurous job seekers who want to cut their monthly costs, taking a position that includes housing is a great option. Live-in jobs are no longer just targeted to college kids and transients. In fact, many live-in positions now offer perks like paid vacations, medical insurance and annual salaries over $70,000. Some of these positions even include a guest cottage on a Palm Beach estate, a 3-bedroom historic stone home on a Wyoming ranch, or an apartment above an oilfield guardhouse in Texas. Here’s a list of some of the job possibilities.

Domestic Estate Couple Jobs

The prevalence of vacation homes among the elite has led to a demand for “estate couples,” which is the general term for live-in caretakers. Many of these jobs include housing on a luxury estate property, providing a year-round presence for the absentee homeowners. These positions generally demand a spotless criminal record and stellar references, while offering successful applicants the chance to live rent-free on a lavish property.

For job availability, check out One current listing offers $83,000 a year with health insurance after 30 days. Two weeks paid annual vacation costs and accommodation in a furnished one-bedroom guesthouse on the estate are also included.

Residential Caregiver and Health Care Jobs

If you have skills in nursing, social work or dealing with people, a position as a live-in eldercare worker or houseparent for youth may be a good fit for you. These jobs are available throughout the country with in both urban and rural settings.

Depending on the situation, the included housing may involve sharing a residence with your clients, such as in a youth treatment home or halfway house. Generally, these types of jobs are best suited for adults without children.

Apartment Manager Jobs

In New York City, the municipal Multiple Dwelling Law dictates that residential buildings with over eight apartments must have a representative of the owner living within the building, or no more than one block away. This has made the Big Apple a hotbed for resident manager and superintendent jobs.

With some of the highest housing costs and lowest vacancy rates in the country, taking a job as a NY super can be a great way to live in a posh Manhattan co-op or a funky West Side walk-up. A recent job posting seeking a NY city resident manager offered $100,000 yearly salary plus a two-bedroom apartment, with a value of about $3,000 per month.

Some live-in positions welcome families with children, where others are adult-only situations. If you are looking for a residential job with kids in tow, make sure to discuss this with potential employers. Jobs that include detached houses on large properties, like park caretakers and ranch workers, are more likely to accept families than those that involve apartments in the employers’ home.

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Monica October 4, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Wow, kudos to you for finding such unique and lucrative jobs! I have to say that if my kids were grown and out of the house, I would totally go for the “estate couple” gig. I would never have thought that jobs like these existed, and in today’s economy, it pays to think outside of the box- which you have definitely done. Thanks for sharing this information and hopefully people looking for a job will be able to take advantage of it.


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