December 7 2009|07.10 PM UTC

Samantha Eckles

Billion in Savings to Be Found

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BillShrink is pleased to have reached our goal of finding Americans more than a billion dollars in savings on everyday bills this year.  We clipped your credit card bill down by $1000, dropped your phone charges by $300 and drove down the price of your gas by $200.

It seems we picked a good year to do it….  In this economically turbulent 2009 we’ve seen credit card rates increase more than 20% and household debt climb to $13.7 trillion.

What’s in store for 2010? More savings. We’re adding new verticals and refining tools like Bill Import to protect you from hidden fees and overage charges, as well as Alerts to let you know when a better deal comes along. Think of BillShrink as your caped crusader saving your wallet!

What our happy users say

“The ease of use is tremendous — the transparency is wonderful, and I feel in charge of my choices. Thank you!” – Daniel C.

“Choosing a cell phone plan has always left me feeling like there was a better deal out there. Using BillShrink put an end to that. I know I will be getting the best deal when I choose my next wireless plan!” – W. Sisney

“Yes! You did it. I saved $325 with T-Mobile. Thank you.” – A. Caruso

From the press

“BillShrink won’t stop trying to help you until you understand exactly what you’re signing up for. Making the right choices from there is all up to you.” — CNN Money

“I take my hat off to anyone trying to help preserve some of our hard-earned money, such as BillShrink.” — Chattanooga Times Free Press

“ analyzes the fine print of credit card bills and user profiles to find the cheapest cell phone plan.” — Wall Street Journal

Keep the savings coming

Banks, credit card companies and wireless providers are competing to gain more customers and market share by continually rolling out new deals. BillShrink sends personalized alerts when rates, policies or plans change in your favor.  If you’re a blog reader and haven’t try BillShrink yet, check out our tools below and see if you can also find some personalized savings:

>> Check if you’re using the best cell phone plan for your money.

>> Find out if you’re using the best credit card for your spending patterns.

>> And see if you know the cheapest gas prices in your area.

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