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12 (Free) Apps of Christmas

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It’s Christmas. You’re stuck at the airport terminal / train station / highway off-ramp / in-law’s house / uncle’s annual gathering / whatever other “amazing place” that makes Christmas and the holidays so wonderful — what do you do? Why, download Christmas-themed apps for your iPhone, of course.

Whac-A-Mole: Whacky Xmas


App description:

A billion annoying moles are trying to ruin XMas! Santa needs your help to fend them off! What are you waiting for? It’s free!

Our thoughts:

They have a point about the free angle.

More description please, you asked? Oh, fine.

Based on the fairly popular Whac-A-Mole iPhone game, this Whacky Xmas edition puts a Christmas theme to things. The screenshot actually does explain most of the action, with a nice touch of mini-game within this uh, mini-game. Rated for ages 9+, but personally speaking I find it a fairly harmless game with mild cartoon violence. Great for the kids.

Download Whac-A-Mole: Whacky Xmas from the iTunes App Store.

Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition

App description:

Celebrate the season by slicing into Santa and his helpers to save Christmas in this follow-up to Adult Swim Games’ Amateur Surgeon. Set 10 years after the original, Alan Probe is now a hot-shot surgeon zooming around the globe in his own private jet. An unfortunate mid-air collision with a flying reindeer crash-lands him at the North Pole and he’s the only one qualified to operate on the wounded. With a steady hand, a palette of do-it-yourself tools from the elves’ workshop, and a little luck Santa will be on time to make his rounds this year.

Our thoughts:

Decisively not for the kids, this iPhone game from Adult Swim is rated 17+. Add a little bit of twisted humor, sprinkle some minor cartoon gore in for the fun, and mix in some holiday themes and you’ve got Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition. Need something more timid? Scroll down below for more.

Download Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition from iTunes App Store.

Christmas Match


App description:

Match the Christmas items in the game as fast as you possibly can! Compete for highscores worldwide! Tapping on your iPhone has never been this fun! Holiday music and sound effects! Best of all, it’s free!

Our thoughts:

This fairly fun and simple Christmas-themed game from Jirbo is, rated ages 4+ from the iTunes store. Have the app ready to download and feed it to your kid, nephew, little cousin, or other random annoying kid to keep him or her entertained for the next 5-6 minutes.

Download Christmas Match from the iTunes App Store.

Snowed In 7 – White Christmas


App description:

Christmas wonderland is frozen over – Help Santa assemble all his goodies before the evil Gnome can stop him!

Our thoughts:

The actual app description was actually quite a bit longer, but we figure you don’t need to read two paragraphs worth of marketing material. This is a puzzle-like, fairly fast paced game that has a timed version (or an easy version that’s not timed for our anti-competitive friends). The game has a few small bugs, but otherwise is entertaining enough.

Download Snowed in 7 from the iTunes App Store.

Christmas Snowman


App description:

Christmas Snowman is a game like hangman but instead has a nice snowman and the snowman parts fly away when you choose letters that don’t exist in the word. All of the words and music are Christmas holiday, nativity scene or winter climate/activity related.

Features: Play as long as you can, after each correct word a new snowman and word appears. Helps increase both vocabulary and spelling ability. Great background music and sound effects. Fun and educational at the same. All words are Christmas holiday and nativity scene related. Music is both Christmas holiday and nativity scene related.

Our thoughts:

CHristmas Snowman allows you to enjoy the holiday spirits and play a game that requires thought. Rated age 4+, this game can be a bit educational as it’ll help brush up your vocabulary (albeit it’s Christmas and holiday themed vocabulary).

Download Christmas Snowman from the iTunes App Store.

Christmas Spell Lite

App description:

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, a warm blanket, get cozy, and get in the Christmas spirit with this free version of Christmas Spell! Letters gently float on snowflakes inside a snow globe. Touch and rearrange each letter to guess the scrambled word. Hint: most of the words are Christmas/Winter themed.

Our thoughts:

Featuring fairly nice graphics, Christmas Spell Lite is another game that provides both a little bit of fun and a little bit of educational value. As with Christmas Snowman above, many of the words you’ll encounter are holiday and winter themed words. Grab the full version if you like this game as the full version has over 700 words!

Download Christmas Spell Lite from iTunes App Store.

Santa’s Village


App description:

Santa needs help separating naughty and nice children. Santa’s List has your young ones matching names that have the same first letter as the one shown. In the background is a classical guitar version of Twelve Days of Christmas.

Features: Learn letter recognition as you pick names that start with the same letter. Great music and sound effects. A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration. A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.

Our thoughts:

Oh boy, another game that involves letter recognition and learning. Santa’s Village certainly won’t wow anyone, but if you have an age-appropriate child, the “game” can be a good learning exercise.

Download Santa’s Village from the iTunes App Store.

Xmas Carols Lite


App description:


With lyrics to 20 of the most popular Christmas Carols, this iPhone and iPod Touch app is great for family gatherings, caroling door-to-door, or anywhere you might be in the mood to spread some Christmas cheer! And, in the spirit of Christmas, we are sharing these with you absolutely free!

Our thoughts:

We’re not so sure about indispensable, but this free app is certainly a nice-to-have for family gatherings. Whether you’re stuck in an airport terminal or need a distraction to lighten-up the mood at a party (or make things even more awkward), this Christmas caroling app fulfills its job description without fail.

Download Xmas Carols Lite from iTunes App Store.



App description:

Turn your iphone into a Christmas carol playing handbell with Chrimbell. Choose from one of three bells and ring-a-long to Jingle Bells, Ding Dong Merrily on High, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, Little Donkey, Oh Come Ye Faithful and Auld Lang Syne.

You’re probably thinking; “that sounds complicated, wouldn’t I have to know a lot about bells and isn’t bell ringing one of the dark arts?”. Not a bit of it, Chrimbell could not be simpler.

Select your bell and choose a carol. Then simply ‘ring’ your iphone as you would a bell. Each ringing movement will sound a note of your chosen carol. Play as fast or a slow as you like.

But you don’t have to go bell solo, oh no. Gather together you chums and form a hand bell chorus. Pick a note each, follow the music and ring your bell when it’s your turn. A sort of guitar-hero, but with bells and more glitter.

Chrimbell is the modern carollers ‘must have’, a sort of carolling 2.0, as perfect impressing friends as it is for annoying strangers. But best of all, it’s yours for free with good tidings from the Ogilvy Group UK.

Merry Christmas with bells on! Actual bells!

Our thoughts:

If singing isn’t your forte but you want a little bit of the holidays music cheer, then this app is for you. Released updated to version 1.1 (just a few days ago, in fact), this is a very polished app, and although it only has a few songs to play with, you really can’t complain when its f-r-e-e.

Download Chrimbell from the iTunes App Store.



App description:

Listen to XMAS radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

We found for you online radio stations playing traditional X-Mas music, X-Mas rock, religious X-Mas music, X-mas jazz etc. We even found a radio station broadcasting from the North Pole!

Happy listening!

Our thoughts:

Seriously. Radio station broadcasting from the North Pole? How is that not an instant win? Regardless of the radio’s actual origin, this radio app works decently well, particularly if you’re too lazy to browse specifically for holiday-only radio stations on your favorite radio app. There’s currently about 25 stations with more being added as updates are being made to the app.

Download X-Mas Radio from the iTunes App store.

Deck The Card Lite


App description:

DeckTheCardLite is the free version of DeckTheCard. It allows you to make your own custom Christmas cards with your iPhone camera! Choose from 4 different Christmas card templates (12 included in the full version): Elf hat; Snowflakes; Peppermint; and Christmas Light. Cards can be emailed to your friends and family with the touch of a button.

Our thoughts:

Remember that really really unflattering photo you took of your friend? Mash it up and make a corny Christmas-greeting-MMS-ecard thingie (uh…) and spread some holiday cheers. ‘Nuff said. (Full version cost $0.99 and contains more layout with less limitations).

Download Deck The Card Lite from the iTunes App store.

Winter Snow Globe


App description:

Ever wish your iPhone was a SNOW GLOBE? I know I did. And now our wishes have finally come true! Get ready for the holidays with Snow Globe for your iPhone.

Choose from two different modes:
- Directional Snow: Tilt your iPhone to change the direction of the falling snow.
- Snow Globe Snow: Shake your iPhone to send the snow swirling.

Our thoughts:

It’s turns your iPhone into a “snowglobe.” Entertainment value received may vary.

Download Snowglobe from the iTunes App Store.

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