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Money Saving Tips: Gas Tips

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Save money, and impress your valentine with this simple tip.

So, you want to impress your valentine with your new car but didn’t factor in the cost of gas when you signed by the ‘x’. You have been running on empty for the past week, and its likely that your next paycheck will go straight into your gas tank.

Not to worry! There is a simple way to get the most gas for your hard earned money.

As we all know, the cost of retail gas fluctuates as the cost of crude oil fluctuates on the mercantile exchange (NYMEX). That being said, since your local gas station owner relies on this market to set his daily price, you my friend can rely on this pseudoscience to get the most gallons per dollar.

Data collected from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Note the time of day that the gas station’s manager changes his or her prices. Generally, gas stations will change their listed prices midday (at this time, the station’s manager would know the price of crude oil at market open, and have given some time to allow the market cycle to take place). So, if the market opens when the price of crude oil is up, you should fill-up before your morning commute. In other words, you will be filling up before the gas station raises their listed prices per gallon to meet the rise in the cost of crude oil in the markets. On the other hand, if the price of crude oil is down when the market opens, fill-up after midday. The gas station will have lowered the listed prices per gallon to meet the lowered price of crude oil in the markets.

Follow this proven method, and you will have saved enough cash by the time Valentine’s day rolls around to pick up your date in your new ride, on a full tank.

How do you feel about our dependence on oil? Share your solution, money saving or otherwise, below…

Until your solution is put into action: Find cheap gas in your area with Billshrink for gas, a tool that will compare gas prices at your location!

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