February 12 2010|02.06 PM UTC


Gas Meter, a Weekly Report

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Gas prices may be steep in some states, but the national average is down this week. The retail cost of regular gasoline is down $0.009 cents compared to the same time a week ago, bringing the nation’s average to $2.652 per gallon.

By region, the gulf coast states have the cheapest average at $2.515 per gallon. This price is down by $0.026, compared to a week ago. Although the Midwest ranks second for a low average of $2.574 per gallon, this is an increase of $0.011 compared to the same time a week ago.

In the rocky mountain region, we see an average of $2.619, up by $0.004 compared to a week ago. The east coast follows this figure closely with an average of $2.666 per gallon, less $0.019 compared to a week ago. In last place is the west coast at an average of $2.895 per gallon, a decrease of $0.016 compared to a week ago.

Gas prices vary by state and may be more or less than the regional average. Case in point, California’s state average weighs in at $2.961, higher than the west coast average.

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All figures are obtained from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

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European February 24, 2010 at 1:44 am

O you poor guys, we have 1 liter of gas for 1 euro.


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