February 26 2010|01.45 PM UTC


Gas Meter, a Weekly Report

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One place that your wallet most often takes a hit is at the pump. This weekly round-up of gasoline prices is designed give you an idea of whether to expect to pay more or less, next time you fill-up. The cost of crude oil dictates transportation costs to hundreds of thousands of Americans everyday. Keep up with the markets, and pay less at the pump.

The Gulf Coast continues to hold the cheapest average gasoline price, among all other regions of the United States. For the week beginning February 22, we see an average price per gallon of regular gasoline in this region at $2.533. This price has increased by $0.051, compared to the same time a week ago.

The Midwest average followed closely at $2.605 per gallon, up from $2.574 a week ago.

Ranking in third this week is the Rocky Mountain region, with an average price per gallon of $2.617, an increase of $0.015 compared to the same time a week ago.

The East Coast states are seeing an average price per gallon this week that matched the national average. At $2.655 per gallon, this is an increase of $0.047 for the nation and $0.021 for the East Coast.

Coming in last are the West Coast states with an average of $2.866 per gallon. This average is up by $0.002 cents compared to last week’s price. West Coast border state, California, tops this regional average at $2.918 per gallon, a decrease of $0.008 compared to a week ago.

Across all regions, the national average is up by $0.746 compared to the same time a year ago.

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Do you think the Unites States will meet its goal of lowering the nation’s dependence on foreign oil? Any ideas on how we can make this happen? Share your thoughts below…

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