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DEVOUR by Motorola Hits Shelves Soon

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The Motorola DEVOUR arrival is nearing and you can get an inside look here before the March 15 release date.

With all the features that the DEVOUR boasts: multiple home screens, incomparable security features, and MOTOBLUR widgets that stream messages and news into customizable feeds, this Smartphone is exactly what it is trumpeted up to be.

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Already being considered an “Android LITE” based on tech specs alone, the DEVOUR is anything but. The 3G Verizon Wireless network, and quick operating system make it easy to use. The data transmission speed doesn’t hurt either. With the number of apps available on Android market, plus widgets already integrated into the system out-of-box, the speed at which the DEVOUR operates is critical for optimal use. Anyone who has experienced the touch-screen-delay-dilemma (Hint: clicking a widget five times over doesn’t make your OS go any faster) can testify to that. Don’t expect that inconvenience with the DEVOUR, as this Smartphone can hold its own.

Verizon Wireless’ main selling point has been the DEVOUR’s integrated MOTOBLUR technology. MOTOBLUR is, according to the cell phone carrier, “your entire social life, in one stream.” Understandably, there is a certain degree of consumer suspicion toward any product that is, in a sense, over-branded. More so when the product name itself has a certain jingle to it. However, in one test drive of MOTOBLUR’s capabilities the DEVOUR sells itself. Do you get your morning news from multiple sources? No problem, there is a customizable widget that will stream all your sources into one. Do you subscribe to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace? No problem. You can get all your updates, tweets, and comments streamlined onto one widget. Do you have multiple email accounts? No problem, DEVOUR has all of your messages sent to one inbox, one widget. No need to install multiple widgets for multiple accounts either. The DEVOUR prompts a sign-in to whichever email or social account you choose, and you begin receiving messages to the pre-installed widget instantly.

With a choice of 5 customizable home screens, widgets can be set up for use anyway, anyhow.

The security features, are something to revel over. Security for a lost phone is offered through MyMOTOBLUR. Login to MyMOTOBLUR online and track down your phone’s location via GPS. If for whatever reason it cannot be located (perhaps a crafty thief), the phone’s contents can be wiped via MyMOTOBLUR. Your personal information will not be compromised. Moreover, you can get your lost information back by simply “cloning” your phone. To clone, login to your replacement phone and all your contacts and social information will come up.

Included with the DEVOUR, purchased through Verizon Wireless, is the Motorola Eco Charger. Part of Motorola’s green initiative, this charger uses only a tenth of a watt of stand-by power. Proof that the out-of-box handset has something to offer everyone.

The only recommendation to the scores of folks waiting to get their hands on the device: TasKiller. Once you’ve all your widgets happily running along, you may want to quit the applications every now and again to give them a restart.

To compare other phones and smart phones, use BillShrink.

After you pick up your DEVOUR, come back and share a comment or two. What do you think of the device?

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John March 12, 2010 at 10:58 pm

Interesting. While it does have some refreshing, new features, I don’t think this is what people were hoping for. I think people wanted to see a more updated Droid, not a “Droid Lite”. Sales will most likely be disappointing, as it will probably only appeal to the youngest generation of cellular users.


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