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Gas Meter, a Weekly Report

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The price of retail gasoline has increased this yet again this week. The current national average price per gallon is $2.788, up from $0.037 last week.

U.S.-based oil refinery maintenance season is in full effect, and consumers’ options for low cost gasoline are limited. Most regions are within the $2.700 to $2.800 range; read on to see how average gas prices in each region stack up.

The Gulf Coast has the lowest average cost per retail gallon at $2.686, an increase of $0.039 from last week. The highest gas prices this week are found on the West Coast, which is seeing an average price of $3.005 per gallon, an increase of $0.021.

The region with the second lowest gas price is the Rocky Mountain area, with a $2.731 cost per gallon. This region has seen an increase of $0.046 compared to last week. The average cost of regular gas in the Midwest this week is $2.739, this is up by $0.044 compared to last week. The East Coast average is $2.777, an increase of $0.037 from last week.

On average, how much do you spend on gasoline each week?

Do you always go to the same station or do you use BillShrink to find the cheapest gas in your area?

All figures are obtained from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

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