March 24 2010|01.46 PM UTC


Gas Meter, A Weekly Report

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The national average regular gasoline price is even higher this week at $2.819, up $0.031 from last week.

At this time last year, the national average cost per gallon was $0.857 less than today’s price.

Continue to expect gas prices to increase due to the season’s higher gas demand, oil refinery maintenance season and summer blend fuels (hybrid fuels to meet with EPA regulations). The opportunities to buy cheaper gas are slim this time of year.

Compared to all other regions, the cheapest gas can be found in the gulf coast states. The Gulf Coast average cost is $2.694, up by $0.008 compared to the week-ago period. The region with the next lowest cost is the rocky mountain region with an average of $2.768. This is up by $0.037 from the previous week.

The average price per regular gallon on the East Coast is $2.787, up by $0.10 compared to last week. The Midwest tops this figure at $2.805, an increase of $0.066 from last week.

Finally, the West Coast tops the chart with the highest regional average gasoline cost of $3.033, up by $0.028 from last week.

Gas is expensive this time of year, but you can still shop around for the cheapest gas price using BillShrink.

All figures are obtained from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

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