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Verizon EDU Can Save a Buck…or Two

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This week’s money saving tip is to go back to school! Take a free Verizon Wireless smartphone class. Since you’ve already shelled out hard-earned dollars for that shiny new smartphone, you should bfigure what those cool icons really do.

Verizon’s classes are designed to answer all the basic questions about smartphones with live demonstrations. After all, there is little value in buying a pricey phone and not being able to use the features you paid for.

You’ve shelled out hard-earned dollars for that shiny new smartphone, and now you are questioning just how smart this thing really is… or how not-smart it makes you feel.

What’s this button do? How do I close this app? Wait, what is an app?

Have all those questions answered at a Verizon Wireless smartphone class.Verizon representatives will demonstrate how-to use internet browsers, navigation tools, messaging tools and more.

These classes are free of charge, and open to all Verizon Wireless customers (regardless of whether or not you own a smartphone). Various smartphones that are demonstrated during these events include the Blackberry, Motorola DEVOUR and DROID, and Palm Pre Plus. For smartphone owners, this is a great opportunity to unlock the potential of your phone’s productivity tools. For soon-to-be smartphone owners, this is the chance to see a live demo of the smartphone-in-question to see if it is the right phone for you.

Classes are held nationwide, so visit the Verizon Wireless workshop site to find a class near you. Registration is required to reserve a seat in the class, so register as early as possible. Also, if you are unable to attend an on-site class, visit this site for video demos which can be viewed at your convenience. Its as easy as that!

Also, use BillShrink’s smartphone comparison to look at all your options. Then, use BillShrink’s cell phone plan tool to find the cheapest plan!

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David M. March 21, 2011 at 10:52 am

Actually, I think this sort of thing is a great idea. I am amazed at how many times myself and my friends have bought a product which has little or no instructions to its various “applications” (not just talking phone apps but applications of the products in general). The products which do have free classes and better directions towards their applications tend to get a much wider and broader use and these things could actually be a vehicle/segway towards the marketing of other additional products, as well.


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