August 4 2010|03.11 PM UTC

Erik Chang

Android OS: Top Selling Smartphone in the U.S.

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Earlier this week, The Nielsen Company reported that Android sales has overtaken iPhone sales in the U.S. Despite the fact that iPhone users are still decisively loyal and that it is still the most desired phone on the market, the wide variety of Android-equipped devices pushed the operating system past Apple’s iOS-equipped smartphones.

Further confirming Android’s presence was the report just released today by The NPD Group, stating that Android has now overtaken BlackBerry as the leading operating system in handsets sold to U.S. consumers.

What were the phones that lead to Android’s rise to the pack?

Based on U.S. consumer purchases of mobile phones in Q2, the top 5 Android smartphones were as follows:

  1. Motorola Droid
  2. HTC Droid Incredible
  3. HTC EVO 4G
  4. HTC Hero
  5. HTC Droid Eris

As Research in Motion’s BlackBerry handsets slowly lose their market share, it would be interesting to see if the soon-to-be released Blackberry 6 [finally] will shift the tide and if new devices such as the Blackberry Torch will curb the lost of users.

Regardless of how Research in Motion deals with their eroding market share, one thing is for certain: they have a long fight ahead of them.  Current generation smartphones are decisively more powerful in hardware configuration (1 Ghz equipped devices are abound), extra features such as HDMI-out, 720p video capture capability, and not to mention the hundreds of thousands of apps in either the iTunes market or Android App market.

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