August 5 2010|01.45 PM UTC

Erik Chang

200,000 Androids Activated Per Day, Which Should I Choose?

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At a tech conference today in Lake Tahoe, CA, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt revealed that 200,000 Android devices are activated per day.  Schmidt notes that the new Droid X from Motorola along with Samsung’s Galaxy S series of phones will be some of main driver in expanding Android’s market share.

Schmidt was dead on, as each of those phones mentioned are currently on my short list of potential new smartphone picks.

It’s been a long time coming, but I really need a new phone.

Having been a BlackBerry user for years, it would be a difficult transition for me to switch from the addictive keyboards to a touch-based phone, so I’m constantly on the look out for any new smartphones with a great keyboard, whether its a slide-out keyboard or not.  Though the Droid 2 looks promising, its bulkiness makes me a bit hesitant.

The Palm Pre Plus that’s being offered on Verizon would have been great choice, but WebOS appears to be in limbo, regardless of HP’s white knight move in saving Palm.

The ever popular iPhone 4 is decisively a great smartphone, antennagate or not.  I’ve used it for a good few days and it was an all around good phone. FaceTime is awesome, even if its restricted to WiFi and yes, I’m well aware that video chat wasn’t some recent magical invention by Apple.  Push aside the “retina display” marketing speak, the iPhone 4′s IPS LED screen is ridiculously sharp.  The new processor, extra RAM, better GPU all makes for a more pleasant and smooth user experience.  But even with all that it has going for it, the iPhone 4 is unfortunately just not my cup of tea.  I needed a phone that allows me to do certain things (tether, WiFi hub) without requiring me to root or jailbreak it.  And quite frankly, I’m not too thrill about AT&T’s current tiered data plan.

To that end, I’m considering an Android equipped smartphone.

The current leading Android phones base on Q2 numbers are:

  1. Motorola Droid
  2. HTC Droid Incredible
  3. HTC EVO 4G
  4. HTC Hero
  5. HTC Droid Eris

What’s interesting about this list is that 3 of the phones listed are already “outdated” and can be considered “old tech.”  The Droid will soon be replaced by the Droid 2, and while the Hero and Eris are good phones, the Incredible and EVO 4G outshines them in numerous features and options.

Choosing a new phone has surprisingly been difficult.  At every turn when I’m about to solidify my buying decision, a brand new, better phone is announced or appears to be right on the horizon.

Having choices as a consumer is great.  Fierce competition in the smartphone market ensures that we all receive the best possible option depending on our usage preference and market, but these days, things can get a bit hairy and complicated.

Shrinkage readers, which Android phone, if any, are you gobbing up? I’m aware I failed to mention a SymbianOS (Nokia) equipped phone, but there really aren’t any compelling models right now for me (or perhaps I missed them).  Though BlackBerry 6 seems great, it may be too little and too late.

photo credit: Scarygami

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tim August 6, 2010 at 3:24 am

It would be easier if we didn’t have news about future releases… which network are you on? I’m currently on T-mobile.


Guido August 6, 2010 at 5:15 am

I love my Droid… although I wish verizon would change the contracts to a year, now that there are new phone options every year that give you exponential speed improvements. The only other issue with Droid at the moment is the fact that Verizon takes its time updating the OS, can’t believe that they control when I get Froyo….


shehzad daredia August 6, 2010 at 10:25 am

tmobile g1 for the win!


James August 9, 2010 at 6:21 am

I recently got a Samsung Vibrant, and although the phone is snappy and fast, I was rather disappointed with its overall UI feel when compared with an iPhone. The built-in browser could be refined further too. I would probably suggest rooting the phone anyways and then downloading the necessary apps along with alt browsers.


Grant Parish August 9, 2010 at 5:38 pm

I’ll be getting a new phone within the next month. My choice will be on of the new Samsung Galaxy phones. I need a phone that tethers and that knocks out the iPhone – My only decision is whether to wait until I can get the new Galaxy Capitvate with Android 2.2.


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