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Do You or Your Sweetie Have Better Credit?

Carrie Davis

Do you or your partner have stronger credit? My guess is that very few couples know the answer to this question. You may have know financial details like each other’s salaries and levels of debt. But have you sat down and reviewed each other’s credit reports and scores? Sounds about as fun as dinner and a movie, right?

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Take a Fiscal Health Day: Money-Saving Tasks You’ve Been Meaning to Do

Carrie Davis

Similar to lifting couch cushions in search of loose change, a fiscal clean-up day can mean extra money with minimal effort. Here are seven key tasks that can net you just as much cash as that ever-elusive promotion at work or that windfall that never seems to fall on your doorstep. Dedicate a day to your fiscal health, and enjoy

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Cell Phones and Credit: Another Reason Your Score Matters

Carrie Davis

You may know that a good credit score can help you get a new credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage at a low interest rate, but did you know that it’s also necessary for that essential modern-day accessory – the cell phone? Good credit = cheaper wireless Like mortgage lenders and credit card companies, cell phone providers check

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