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David has been juggling with credit cards ever since his freshmen year days back in college. While charging everything he buys on his employee-only interest rate Bank of America credit card, he soon made the enlightening realization that credit cards can be a real double-edged sword. A decade later, David is now an expert on all things credits, and hunts for deals and discounts as a hobby during his spare time. David should probably just get a girlfriend.

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10 Simple Tips to Master the Art of Haggling and Savvy Shopping

David Tu

If you’re a news junkie like me, you may have read about a recent finding produced by America’s Research Group, which found that in the past holiday season, approximately 72% of customers haggled with a retailer, compared with 56% the year before.  Upon hearing this news, the consumer advocate in me was delighted and I proceeded to do a little

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Seven Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets You Probably Shouldn’t Buy

David Tu

Why grab an iPhone when you can grab one encrusted with diamonds? Here’s a list of expensive gadgets for the filthy rich or just plain crazies.

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Black Friday 2009: The Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

David Tu

Does the idea of shopping on Black Friday make you want to cringe?  If the prospect of dealing with the crowds, the lines, the pushing and the shoving intimidates you, take a look at our Black Friday holiday shopping survival guide.  Here are 13 common sense tips to ensure you finish your shopping trip with your sanity intact.

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Seven Financial Mistakes That Ended Disastrously

David Tu

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20 — especially when it comes to mistakes in financial moves. From the dream car turning into a lemon to smoking your son’s college savings, we asked other popular personal finance bloggers what their worst financial moves were, here are seven financial moves that ended badly:

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Top 10 Most (& Least) Prestigious Jobs in America: How Much They Earn and How to Land Them

David Tu

“When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar.” – Ralph Wiggum Though most people probably don’t grow up wanting to be a farmer, a minister, or a caterpillar - farmers and ministers are considered by many to have some of the most prestigious occupations in America.  On the other hand, while occupations such as being an

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Details: Cash for Clunkers Rules

David Tu

If you’ve been waiting at the edge of your seat for the finalized rules on the “cash for clunkers” program, then today is your lucky day.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finalized and released the final rules for the $1 billion program to trade in your old vehicle for a credit of up to $4,500 towards a new

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15 Wallet Fattening Gas Tips for the Summer

David Tu

As summer continues to chug along, your plans for road trips may be slightly hampered by the usual rise of gasoline prices during the summer.  Here’s a quick list of 15 ways you can keep fuel economy optimal during a season of weekend getaways and road trips.

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