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Erik loves all things gadgets. He especially gets a kick out of finding the best gadgets for the best price. Coupons, deals, whatever it takes, as long as he can grab the latest gadget for the cheapest price. Erik has also used most of the major cell phone service provider with various devices at one time or another, from AT&T to Verizon to T-Mobile and Sprint. As he pays the high cell phone bill each month, he often fantasize that one day... cell phone plan pricing in the U.S. will be the same as Europe and parts of Asia...

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Switching to Online Banking

Erik Chang

Getting bank customers to switch to online banking versus other channels can save financial institutions billions. However, this can be easier said than done. Below are some things that can be done to increase online banking adoption and usage as well as innovative new ways to reward customers for making the switch. click to enlarge Use the code below to

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Common Investing Mistakes

Erik Chang

One of the ways that investors diminish the worth of their investments is by acting against common sense and their financial adviser’s recommendations. One common mistake is to develop a sound investment strategy and then change it on a whim or in response to a popular news story. Retaining holdings even if there is a slight dip in the market

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2011 Credit Card Trends

Erik Chang

It has been nearly 2 years since the Credit CARD Act was passed and for the most part, things have changed for the better. While there were some dramatic changes in interest rates right before the CARD Act took effect, BillShrink looked at 11 of the major card issuers and found that interest rates have actually stabilized in 2011. Here

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Stimulating the Economy

Erik Chang

The question on everyone’s mind is how do we stimulate the economy? While no answer is a guaranteed success, there are a number of options to look into. First, the government could increase its own spending. It could release federal funds for the construction of federal projects. There’s no lack of projects to be accomplished and increasing state and local

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What Has Athens Got To Do With Wall Street?

Erik Chang

We have all heard about Greece’s economic crisis, but should it be cause for concern for the American economy? Unfortunately, the Greek economy and the American economy may be painfully interlinked. Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has said that a Greek default would drive the US into further recession. The fact that the Greek economy might drag

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The Best Loyalty Programs

Erik Chang

It seems like every company has some sort of loyalty program these days. Unfortunately, many of these programs are not worth the time, money or effort required to get any real benefits. There are, however, several outstanding loyalty programs that reward customers in generous proportions. Here are our picks for the top three loyalty programs: BEST Virgin Airlines Image Source

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Money Saving Android Apps

Erik Chang

One of the great things about having a smartphone are all of the apps available. There literally is an app for everything and, with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best ones for your needs. If you have an Android phone, here are BillShrink’s top money saving apps that are available right now. And

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