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Jenny leads BillShrink's media strategy and the company's branding initiatives. She has worked in the communications field for more than 14 years and has led the marketing communications strategy at a number of technology start-ups and venture capital firms.

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Free Housing – Jobs In America That Include A Home

Jenny Edwards

For creative and adventurous job seekers who want to cut their monthly costs, taking a position that includes housing is a great option. Live-in jobs are no longer just targeted to college kids and transients. In fact, many live-in positions now offer perks like paid vacations, medical insurance and annual salaries over $70,000. Some of these positions even include a

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Buying Vs. Renting

Jenny Edwards

When you get ready to do some home improvements or vacation, you usually have a list of everything you need to buy. However, if you’re just going to use something a couple of times, save some money by renting instead of buying. After looking at the cost of storage, maintenance and rental availability, here are a few items that you’d

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