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Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things

Jonathan Rivers

There are many ways that people overspend on a regular basis. They include costs that could easily be avoided, or reduced, by customers willing to do some market research, shop around, or plan ahead.

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New Credit Card Rules: No More Late Fees Over $25

Jonathan Rivers

In another move to curb credit card companies’ fee-o-rama, effective August 22, 2010, consumers will no longer have to deal with late fees exceeding over $25.

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12 Ways to Intelligently Buy a New Car

Jonathan Rivers

It’s all too easy to buy the wrong new car or pay more than necessary for the right one. Without a clear game plan, you can quickly be led astray by emotion, hype or sales pitches.

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12 of The Most Stressful Jobs in America

Jonathan Rivers

Here are 12 of the most truly stressful jobs in America and the diciest aspects of each job description.

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Your Taxes Vs America’s Top 25 Companies

Jonathan Rivers

Here is a graphic comparison of what you pay the government verses how little some of the largest corporations in America pay.

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How Today’s Job Searchers Are Supplementing Their Résumés

Jonathan Rivers

One thing is clear: after decades of staying relatively the same, résumés are changing in a big way.

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The Retirement Disaster in America

Jonathan Rivers

Many Americans in real trouble when it is time to retire because they have insufficient savings to carry them through old age. Even those that have retirement accounts at work could be in for a rude awakening when they reach retirement age because billions of dollars in retirement funds that companies owe to workers has not been put aside for them.

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