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25 Weirdest, Funniest and Coolest Credit Card Designs of All Time

Stan Reybern

Look at your credit cards. Now back to these card. Sadly, your cards are not these credit cards.

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9 Things to Charge Today to Reap the Rewards Later

Stan Reybern

A credit card can be both a friend and an enemy – giving you rewards for purchases, but charging high interest rates on what you owe. We’re here to show you how to even the score.

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Viva La Resistance! Fighting credit cards’ foreign transaction fees

Alex Gutow

With summer in full swing and the dollar getting stronger, many of you may be looking at travelling internationally in the coming months.

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Pay With Cash & Receive Discount as Senate Curbs Debit Card Swipe Fees

Stan Reybern

Tthe Senate voted 64 to 33, passing an amendment by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois to curb fees imposed by VISA and MasterCard on debit card “swipe” fees.

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The Most Prevalent Types of Credit Card Fraud (& How To Protect Yourself)

Stan Reybern

With so much at stake, it pays to know what the most prevalent types of credit card fraud are, how victims are tricked, and how you can protect yourself.

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Demystifying Credit Cards and Consumer Debt

Stan Reybern

Here is a visual look at the credit card situation in America, which when paired with the poor economy and high unemployment rate, has arguably reached the crisis level.

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12 Bizarre Things That Harm Your Credit Score

Stan Reybern

Knowing the full truth about these counter-intuitive credit score threats can mean the difference between high scores and financial ruin.

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