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Free Case for iPhone 4 Owners

Erik Chang

Apple has just announced that they are rolling out a program next week for all iPhone 4 users to receive a free case.

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Verizon May Follow AT&T, Killing Unlimited Data Plans

Erik Chang

In a Bloomberg interview today, Verizon’s chief financial officer John Killian announced that they may be ending their flat rate data plan.

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New Credit Card Rules: No More Late Fees Over $25

Jonathan Rivers

In another move to curb credit card companies’ fee-o-rama, effective August 22, 2010, consumers will no longer have to deal with late fees exceeding over $25.

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iPhone 4 Pre-Order Chaos, New Orders Delayed Till July 14th

Erik Chang

This is definitely not a good month for AT&T. iPad security breach, iPhone 4 pre-order server meltdown, and now, delays.

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AT&T Ends Unlimited Wireless Data Plans, Brings in Tiered Rates

Erik Chang

Users familiar with AT&T’s $30 unlimited monthly data plan for iPhone and other smartphones will see their new subscriber brethren being offered different choices.

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News from Peter

Peter Pham

These are exciting times at BillShrink! This week we launched our sixth feature, a tool to help millions of Americans find and select the right TV service.

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Pay With Cash & Receive Discount as Senate Curbs Debit Card Swipe Fees

Stan Reybern

Tthe Senate voted 64 to 33, passing an amendment by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois to curb fees imposed by VISA and MasterCard on debit card “swipe” fees.

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