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Anatomy of a Cell Phone Bill – with FCC Tips!

Stan Reybern

Your monthly cell phone bill can be full of confusing fees and overage charges. Luckily, the FCC is working to put an end to “bill shock” by forcing wireless companies to be more transparent about their charges. Here are some common ones that you might come across and tips from the FCC to help you avoid them! click to enlarge

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Mobile Apps: Banking, Payments and Scanners; Oh My!

Stan Reybern

From smart phones to tablets, there is an explosion of smart devices on the market, each of which has more computing power than NASA did back in 1969 when they sent astronauts to the moon. These powerful devices have paved the way for some new and truly innovative user applications. These applications aim to change the way people live their

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How Much Americans Are Overpaying on Wireless Bills

Samantha Eckles

Having a cell phone has become a necessity in America. Yet many people end up picking the wrong monthly plan for their needs and habits. Here is how much Americans are overpaying on their wireless bills. click to enlarge

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iPhone 4 Still the Phone to Beat in 2010 — But It Has Fierce Competition Come 2011

Samantha Eckles

2010 was a rapid-fire year for smartphones. In November, 45 percent of recent acquirers chose a smartphone over a feature phone, according to Nielsen. U.S. consumers have purchased a total of 89 million iPhones, more than any other smartphone. The long-awaited announcement that the iPhone will be available on the Verizon network, combined with the rumored iPhone 5 release in

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Awaiting Your Judgment: AT&T v. Verizon and the Battle for Apple’s iPhones

Fonda Chen

Verizon, the largest US wireless carrier, has announced today that the company will partner with Apple to make iPhones available on the Verizon network Feb. 10. (Certain Verizon customers will be able to pre-order on Feb. 3). How excited or indifferent should you be about all the buzz? Image Source AT&T is the lowest-scoring cell phone carrier in the US,

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iPhone Security Bug Lets You Make Calls on Passcode Locked Phones

Erik Chang

Ouch. Here’s a rather major bug/exploit in iOS 4.1. By manipulating with the sleep and power button along with faking an emergency call, you can gain access to an iPhone’s contact list, email access, and full keypad functionality with a couple of steps. These issues were detailed in the MacRumors forums and reproduced by MacMagazine in the video below: Scanning

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13 Top iPhone / iOS Apps for Students

Alex Gutow

Technology allows us to quickly do research for school, find places to go/eat and connect us with each other. Luckily, with smart phones, we have all of that convenience right in the palm of our hands.

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