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Television in America: Evolution of the American Couch Potato

Stan Reybern

Ninety-nine percent of the American household has a television set. Without a doubt, the television is one of the major influential technologies in recent history.

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How Popular is the iPhone Anyway

Erik Chang

Despite strong sales, is the iPhone the leading smartphone or the leading mobile device in the world?

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Windows 7 Phone U.S. Release Date: October 11th

Erik Chang

Seriously, what’s the actual release date for Windows Phone 7?

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BlackBerry Storm 3 Appears in the Wild

Erik Chang

Remember the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, the BlackBerry Storm 2? Regardless if you do, Research In Motion is certainly not giving up on a touchscreen-focus device, as the Storm 3 is now appearing in the wild.

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Seven Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets You Probably Shouldn’t Buy

David Tu

Why grab an iPhone when you can grab one encrusted with diamonds? Here’s a list of expensive gadgets for the filthy rich or just plain crazies.

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Samsung Epic 4G vs Fascinate, Vibrant, & Captivate: Total Cost of Ownership

Erik Chang

Interested in one of the leading Android-powered smartphone? Check out our total cost of ownership comparison for the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S variants.

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Upcoming Mobile Phones (August 2010 Edition)

Erik Chang

Looking for a new mobile phone? Here are some interesting mobile devices that will be release in the near future.

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