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Cable TV v.s. Satellite TV: What Do You Prefer?

Alex Gutow

Even with the cost, having hundreds of channels at our disposal is still a necessity for most of us. In the debate between cable and satellite, what’s the difference anyways?

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200,000 Androids Activated Per Day, Which Should I Choose?

Erik Chang

In the market for a new smartphone. Android it is? Or not. Which phone to buy!?

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Android OS: Top Selling Smartphone in the U.S.

Erik Chang

The new king of smartphone operating system emergences as Android takes the crown over the venerable BlackBerry.

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5 Awesome Movie Cell Phones We Wish Were Real

Angelica Nierras

We’ve all seen movies where the protagonist whips out a cell phone and proceeds to do something practically impossible. Didn’t you think to yourself: where can I get one of those?

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Free Case for iPhone 4 Owners

Erik Chang

Apple has just announced that they are rolling out a program next week for all iPhone 4 users to receive a free case.

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone 4

Erik Chang

The latest and greatest from Apple is now here. Multitasking (finally). Folders. Front facing camera. But you know how it is, haters gotta hate.

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Verizon May Follow AT&T, Killing Unlimited Data Plans

Erik Chang

In a Bloomberg interview today, Verizon’s chief financial officer John Killian announced that they may be ending their flat rate data plan.

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