How to get the best AT&T wireless plan

AT&T is quite popular as a service provider for high-end smartphones and PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant). But AT&T also has a wide range of services for all kinds of cell phone users, right from the individual cell phone user to a family of users. Read on to know more about various AT&T wireless plans.cell-phone-10

Pre-paid plans – AT&T has two types of pre-paid plans, ‘Pay as you go’ plan where you need to buy a refill only after you run out of minutes and ‘Pick your plan’, where you refill once every month. Both plans have features like unlimited calls to AT&T wireless customers, rollover balance and anytime cancellation of plan. The pre-paid cards for the second plan range between $29-69, while for the first plan you buy refill cards of the required denomination and pay only $1 for every day of cell phone usage.

Individual plans – Some of the attractive features of AT&T’s wireless plans for individuals include unlimited calling to other AT&T wireless customers, no roaming or long distance charges and rollover of unused minutes to the next month. The montly fee for individual plans range between $39-79 with the minutes offered ranging between 450-1,350.

AT&T also has a special senior plan for individuals over 65 years of age. Senior members can avail the plan with a very low fee of $29 that gives them 200 minutes, in addition to free mobile-to-mobile calls with other AT&T subscribers.

Family plans – The advantage in AT&T family plans is that the common minutes can be shared between members of the plan depending on each member’s usage. The attractive features in AT&T’s wireless plans for individuals, like unlimited calling on nights and weekends for all lines, unlimited calling to other AT&T wireless customers, no roaming or long distance charges and rollover of minutes, apply in the family plans too.

There are seven family plans to choose from. Most of the plans should have a minimum of two lines and an additional fee of $9.99 is charged for every additional line included. Every plan can only have a maximum of five lines. The monthly cost for family plans range between $59-199 and the shared minutes range from 550-4,000. For a family of heavy cell phone users, there is also an unlimited minutes plan with a monthly fee of $199 but a with a charge of $99.99 for every additional line included.

Data plan – Users of smartphones, PDA’s and Blackberrys need special data plans along with their cell phone plans since they would use their phones a lot to check emails, browse the internet and download.

AT&T has two plans each for the Blackberry and the PDA users. A Blackberry/PDA Personal plan for $35 offers unlimited data transfer, but if you buy it along with an individual or family voice plan you pay only $30. Likewise a Blackberry/PDA personal +tethering plan, that helps you connect your handheld with a laptop via Bluetooth, costs $65 when purchased alone, but along with a voice plan it comes at $60. It is usually adviced that you first choose a voice plan and then choose a data plan to go along.

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