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Switching to Online Banking

Erik Chang

Getting bank customers to switch to online banking versus other channels can save financial institutions billions. However, this can be easier said than done. Below are some things that can be done to increase online banking adoption and usage as well as innovative new ways to reward customers for making the switch. click to enlarge Use the code below to

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The Future of Banking

Stan Reybern

When I turned nine, my grandmother gave me a bright yellow, circa 1980 Robie the Robot Bank from Radio Shack for my birthday. When I placed a coin into Robie’s hand, he lifted it to his mouth and swallowed my change, keeping it safe for a rainy day in his metal belly. The best part was always the little robot

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Visa to Offer Direct Transfers to Credit Card Accounts

Samantha Eckles

Ten years ago, when PayPal first entered the payment scene, online shopping wasn’t very popular and few even considered the idea of transferring funds to one another without the use of a checkbook. Fast forward to 2009 where 44% of U.S. consumers made at least one online person-to-person (P2P). Looking forward, analyst firm Javelin Strategy & Research predicts that more

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ATMs: The Hidden Cost of Convenience

Stan Reybern

ATM fees were not originally passed on to bank customers, but banks have now turned convenience fees into big business. Here’s a look at how the ATM machines and networks have become sophisticated money makers for banks and how you can avoid contributing your hard-earned money to this $2 billion per year segment of the banking industry.

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