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The Dual Income Family

Samantha Eckles

The American economy began to embrace the foundation of the two-income family during World War II, when Rosie the Riveter led women into the workforce while men joined the military. Growing liberation through the course of the Twentieth Century allowed for increasing independence and equal rights for men and women. Today, the American economy is absorbing the two-income family, but

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Eight Quick Ways to Bankrupt Yourself

Jonathan Rivers

In the first half of 2010, personal bankruptcy filings in the United States totaled 770,000+ people. While reasons for bankruptcy filings varies, here are eight ways you might reach this financial pitfall.

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Personal Bankruptcy in America

Stan Reybern

The housing market bust, recession, credit crunch and other factors in personal finance are driving the rate of bankruptcy back up, despite the changes in the law.

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10 Governments That Went Bankrupt

Stan Reybern

National bankruptcy is a popular discussion topic of late. In light of the global financial meltdown and the runaway deficit spending of the United States in particular, observers are predicting that national bankruptcy is entirely possible.

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