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The Best and Worst Cell Phone Commercials of 2009

Angelica Nierras

Some advice for all advertisers as we go into 2010: don’t mess with Mrs. Claus, touchy political issues, or reincarnation. Do use puppies and dancing babies. Please more dancing babies? Our picks for the best and worst cell phone TV ads of 2009. #1 WORST WIRELESS TV AD OF 2009 Naughty Mrs. Claus

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2009′s Best and Worst Financial TV Ads

Angelica Nierras

As the economy continued to tank throughout 2009, businesses involved in financial services definitely pulled back on their advertising budgets. Still, there were some great commercials that aired over the year, as well as a couple flops. Our pick for the year’s best financial commercial: Ally Bank’s “Truck”

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