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“Get the Gift of Money” Contest and Black Friday Tips

Samantha Eckles

Tweet In 2009, the American consumer spent an average of nearly $900 during the holidays. This just lumps more debt on top of your already burdened credit card and you know, over here at BillShrink, we think that is as unhealthy as a gallon o’ eggnog. To help you avoid seasonal weight gain on your credit card, BillShrink is giving

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Thanksgiving Weekend: Deals, Steals, and … Zhu Zhu Pets?

Angelica Nierras

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, American consumers dropped an estimated $41.2 billion on electronics, clothes, toys, and appliances. While the numbers are still rolling in, the existing data offers some interesting conclusions. As The New York Times reported, more people hit the stores this weekend when compared to last year, but the average spending per person this year was $343.31

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Cyber Monday Online Deals: Real Bargains or Just a Marketing Ploy?

Erik Chang

In recent years, as people started shifting their buying habits more to online transaction, the buzz word “Cyber Monday” will often be float around by the media as Thanksgiving weekend near its end.  Just earlier this morning, CNN reported that Cyber Monday online shopping reached a staggering 4.3 million visits per minute by 2:20 PM EST.  Other media outlets have

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58 Top Black Friday Electronics & Gadget Deals to Watch For

Erik Chang

Heading out this Black Friday to battle the masses and fight for the best deals?  Here’s a list of 58 notebook computers, electronics, and gadgets that’s worth your time and money.  (We’ll be adding more to the list throughout the day plus scanned Black Friday ads for other major retailers soon, feel free to bookmark!)

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Black Friday 2009: The Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

David Tu

Does the idea of shopping on Black Friday make you want to cringe?  If the prospect of dealing with the crowds, the lines, the pushing and the shoving intimidates you, take a look at our Black Friday holiday shopping survival guide.  Here are 13 common sense tips to ensure you finish your shopping trip with your sanity intact.

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