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How Popular is the iPhone Anyway

Erik Chang

Despite strong sales, is the iPhone the leading smartphone or the leading mobile device in the world?

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BlackBerry Storm 3 Appears in the Wild

Erik Chang

Remember the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, the BlackBerry Storm 2? Regardless if you do, Research In Motion is certainly not giving up on a touchscreen-focus device, as the Storm 3 is now appearing in the wild.

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Verizon EDU Can Save a Buck…or Two


This week’s money saving tip is to go back to school! Take a free Verizon Wireless smartphone class. Since you’ve already shelled out hard-earned dollars for that shiny new smartphone, you should bfigure what those cool icons really do. Verizon’s classes are designed to answer all the basic questions about smartphones with live demonstrations. After all, there is little value

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Blackberry outage majorly affects North American users

Tony Adam

These days, a Blackberry outage is seemingly a common theme as of late, which can not be good for RIM overall. This is the second time in two weeks we’ve seen a massive widespread outage like this to Blackberry users. Just last week there were many reports of Blackberry outages on December 17th according to PDABlast and ReadWriteWeb. It is

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