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Best Credit Cards to Use When Traveling Abroad

Stan Reybern

With summer in full swing, many of us are packing up our bags and jet-setting around the world. Before you take off though, keep in mind that your credit card might be costing you more than you thought with foreign transaction fees. Below are BillShrink’s picks for the best cards to use while traveling that won’t affect your travel budget

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Teach Your Children About Money.

Alex Gutow

The recent recession reminded many families about the importance financial management. It also made it obvious that no child is too young to learn how to manage their finances. The mortgage crisis is a great example of what happens to people who don’t have enough financial information – many people signed mortgages they could not afford or that had terms

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20 Tips to Help Stay Within Your Holiday Budget

Samantha Eckles

With so much money at stake, it never hurts to refresh on the fundamentals of intelligent, budgeted holiday shopping.

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10 Elite Hobbies on a Main Street Budget

Stan Reybern

These ten hobbies are normally seen as reserved those who have cash to spare, but you don’t have to be rolling in benjamins to enjoy them in your spare time, either.

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12 Tips for a Great Christmas on a Small Budget

Jonathan Rivers

Christmas often comes at a high price. Between gifts, wrapping paper, travel and parties, making Christmas happen can spell financial ruin unless you go into it with a plan. But this year can be different. With some intelligent cost-cutting and creative thinking, Christmas need not drain your wallet this year – or be any less satisfying than in years past. Read on and apply these 12 tips for enjoying a great Christmas on a small budget!

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