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How Visa Corners The Debit Card Market With Fees

Stan Reybern

Debit cards are such an routine part of commerce these days that we seldom reflect on them. For most consumers, the 2-3 seconds it takes to swipe is about the only time they pay their debit card any mind at all.

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Fortune’s Top 100 Fastest Growing American Companies

Jonathan Rivers

We’ve taken Fortune’s “Americas’ Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies” list, analyzed it and broke it down by region, state, and notoriety of each company.

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The 12 Biggest Mergers in American History

Stan Reybern

Mergers are fairly common as far as business activities go. In fact, it is probably safe to say that businesses of one size or another join forces every day of the week, due to the increased efficiency or market share such arrangements offer. Not all mergers are so casual, however. Indeed, some companies, simply by merging, send waves throughout the economy, sometimes changing the way business is done within entire industries.

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12 Reasons Companies Outsource Operations Overseas

Stan Reybern

One of the most controversial (and least understood) issues in business and politics is outsourcing. Politicians condemn it, businessmen defend it, but rarely does anyone step back and take a dispassionate look at why it occurs at all.

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