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8 Ways to Majorly Fail at Customer Support

Jonathan Rivers

tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Some people just can’t make an honest living. And, sometimes, businesses fail to outdo this axiom as well. In other cases, there are grand mistakes which result in lots of frustration, money lost by customers, brands or both. Usually these situations are worsened by bureaucracy, poor management, and an unwillingness by many companies to admit fault. With

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15 Companies Whose IPOs Were Complete Flops

Stan Reybern

The most anticipated day in the life of a company is its “liquidation event”, when the founders and/or investors cash out. Typically, a liquidation event takes the form of a buyout or what is known as an initial public offering (IPO.) This is when a company offers stock to the public for the first time. A successful IPO – like

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12 Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid During a Recession

Stan Reybern

What characterizes a recession? Panic, desperation, overreacting – in other words, the opposite of clear thinking. This is especially the case in the business world. Unfortunately, many companies fall victim to mistakes that are a result of allowing the market to wholly dictate their business moves. Because often times, what seem like good ideas at the time, simply are not.

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11 Ways Businesses are Cutting Costs Without Firing Employees

Stan Reybern

To hear the media tell it, the entire business world is in flux. But not every company is succumbing to economic despair. While many are laying off employees, closing offices, and slashing budgets, others are preserving employee morale and staying afloat without such painful sacrifices. Following, are twelve ways that these praiseworthy businesses are avoiding layoffs and staying the course.

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