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FCC Mulling Over Europe’s Wireless “Bill Shock” Cure

Erik Chang

Cellphone users should be alerted when wireless bills increase suddenly and excessively, says the Federal Communication Commission.

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11 Ways Wireless Providers Screw You Over

Erik Chang

Talk to a random sampling of wireless phone users and you are sure to find one thing: dissatisfaction with their provider.

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Anatomy of a Cell Phone Bill

Erik Chang

What are you paying for? We broke down all the fees and charges on a typical cell phone bill and found some things you pay for that you may not be aware of. Pay-per-use data access charges can rack up quickly if you’re charged by the kb and if you’re on a cruise, you’ll want to turn the phone off to avoid expensive roaming charges.

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FCC to America: Is Your Cell Phone Bill Confusing?

Angelica Nierras

This summer, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) asked America to weigh in on whether consumers have enough information to make decisions about their communications services. Turns out Americans have plenty to say. And so do we. BillShrink has found that 8 out of 10 people are overpaying on their cell phone bills — to the tune of $800 million dollars

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