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Anatomy of a Cell Phone Bill – with FCC Tips!

Stan Reybern

Your monthly cell phone bill can be full of confusing fees and overage charges. Luckily, the FCC is working to put an end to “bill shock” by forcing wireless companies to be more transparent about their charges. Here are some common ones that you might come across and tips from the FCC to help you avoid them! click to enlarge

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When to Buy Supplemental Insurance

Alex Gutow

When the subject of insurance is bundled with a product or service, many of us are at a loss for what to do. Some people swear by these policies and can give you an example of when they were fortunate to have it, like when their television was fried in an electrical storm or the time they dropped their cell

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How Much Americans Are Overpaying on Wireless Bills

Samantha Eckles

Having a cell phone has become a necessity in America. Yet many people end up picking the wrong monthly plan for their needs and habits. Here is how much Americans are overpaying on their wireless bills. click to enlarge

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Google Lowers Nexus One Equipment Recovery Fee


The Google Nexus One Phone now has a lower Early Termination Fee for T-Mobile customers. The “Equipment Recovery Fee”, is now $150 USD for a Nexus One owner who chooses to cancel or downgrade within 120 days of activating a T-Mobile Service Plan. The fee is even lower for T-Mobile customers who upgrade their service plan onto a Google Nexus

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