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Four Techniques for Cutting Your Grocery Bill

Carrie Kirby

Here are the techniques to keep your grocery expenses low. If you are interested in cutting your food bills, try out one or more of these tips and see if they work for you.

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The Cost of Convenience: 10 Things We Overpay For

Jonathan Rivers

Each day consumers pay extra for convenience. Sometimes the associated fees seem minimal, or on lesser-priced items worth the price. However there are many ways that individuals could easily cut hundreds or thousands of dollars from their annual expenses by simply taking the time to analyze what they are actually spending their money on. With that said, when critically examined,

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Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things

Jonathan Rivers

There are many ways that people overspend on a regular basis. They include costs that could easily be avoided, or reduced, by customers willing to do some market research, shop around, or plan ahead.

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11 Ways Businesses are Cutting Costs Without Firing Employees

Stan Reybern

To hear the media tell it, the entire business world is in flux. But not every company is succumbing to economic despair. While many are laying off employees, closing offices, and slashing budgets, others are preserving employee morale and staying afloat without such painful sacrifices. Following, are twelve ways that these praiseworthy businesses are avoiding layoffs and staying the course.

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Five Ways to Master Your Credit Card Debt After College

David Tu

No one can argue that current economic times are tough.  But recent survey result shows that times can be tougher for fresh college graduates. According to a recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, just about 20 percent of 2009 graduates who applied for a job actually have one; accompany this with the report from Sallie Mae

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12 Ways Companies are Reacting to the Recession

Stan Reybern

Recessions mean big changes for everyone and everything, including the marketing campaigns businesses use to reach customers. During economic downturns, the “same old, same old” advertising that carry businesses through prosperous times simply will not cut it. Our current recession is no exception, as businesses take to the Internet, radio, television, and billboards with marketing tactics that target the needs

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16 Depression Era Money Saving Tips

Samantha Eckles

We are often told that the current financial meltdown is the most serious since the Great Depression. And while that may be true, comparing today’s times to such an awful and demoralizing crisis has the effect of scaring people, thereby making the situation worse. This is the wrong way to react to the situation. Rather than passively absorbing fear and

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