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9 Ways To Save Money At A Baseball Game

Samantha Eckles

Spring is here and opening day of the baseball season is less than a week away. And while professional sporting events might not seemingly fit into everyone’s budget at the moment, there are many simple ways that individuals can affect theirs spending so that attending a game is not as costly as it seems. In a follow up to our

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Fun on a Budget: 9 Ways to Cut Costs this Spring Break

Samantha Eckles

Spring break is coming up, and for many people this signals a much deserved and much anticipated break from the minutiae of everyday life. But it’s no secret that the current recession has forced many people to rethink their budget and spending habits.  Here are some proven methods by which individuals can still take their vacation, but practice aware spending

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Unnecessary Upgrades: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Jonathan Rivers

When purchasing a new product, consumers are often tempted to opt for the latest and greatest version, justifying the higher price tag with their perception of increased value. The actual value is different for each individual, and can be largely rooted in personal preference. While there are certainly benefits to most upgrades, many of these decisions are made impulsively, or

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Recession Savings? Think Twice Before You Cut Cost to These Five Budgets

David Tu

Recently, a technology junkie friend of mine canceled his high speed broadband cable Internet service, in favor for a lower speed but much cheaper DSL service (this is from someone who downloads gigs of everything-online daily). Figuring he’s on a cost cutting binge, I told him to try out BillShrink to see if he can also potentially lower his monthly

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