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How to Manage Student Loans

Alex Gutow

Americans owe approximately $826.5 billion in credit card debt and owe a staggering $829.79 billion in student loans. This comes at no surprise when the average four-year degree from a public university or college costs about $50,000 for four years (before living expenses) and a private school can cost over three times that! To pay for this, most students are

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Savings in America

Stan Reybern

We all know that we’re supposed to save. You have to save for retirement, emergencies, college, large purchases, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is saving or knows how much they should be saving. During the peak of the housing bubble, the savings rate for Americans dropped to an all time low of .9% – meaning we were saving

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7 Best Tools for Reducing Credit Card Debt

Samantha Eckles

As America’s slight economic hiccup (read: the Great Recession) comes to a close, for many, its effects are still being felt on a daily basis. Many people who were on top of their bills are now finding themselves in credit card debt, while those who already had debt are now deeper than ever. Although getting out of debt is easier

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Americans Dumping Debt

Samantha Eckles

Americans have reduced their credit card debts significantly since the CARD Act became law in 2009. Credit card companies are now forced to refrain from adding any unnecessary penalties and excessive fees. Consumers are also protected from arbitrary interest increases and due date gimmicks. Here is how Americans have been dumping their debts since the CARD Act. click to enlarge

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Your money in 2011: What you need to know

Samantha Eckles

Tweet From huge investors and venture capitalists, to the poorest coupon-cutter, everyone is curious what 2011 will have in store for the economy. Find out which tax bracket will benefit the most from Obama initiatives, and which kind of credit card is the best for those carrying debt. All of this and more will be covered below, including a rare

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America Saves Week

Angelica Nierras

Did you know that this week is America Saves Week? From February 21-28, Americans are encouraged to “Build Wealth Not Debt.” Thankfully, BillShrink users are right on track. We delved into our data and found that more people are paying off their credit cards this year than they did last year! Back in February 2009, 46% of all users noted

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