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9 Things to Charge Today to Reap the Rewards Later

Stan Reybern

A credit card can be both a friend and an enemy – giving you rewards for purchases, but charging high interest rates on what you owe. We’re here to show you how to even the score.

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Viva La Resistance! Fighting credit cards’ foreign transaction fees

Alex Gutow

With summer in full swing and the dollar getting stronger, many of you may be looking at travelling internationally in the coming months.

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New Credit Card Rules: No More Late Fees Over $25

Jonathan Rivers

In another move to curb credit card companies’ fee-o-rama, effective August 22, 2010, consumers will no longer have to deal with late fees exceeding over $25.

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Demystifying Credit Cards and Consumer Debt

Stan Reybern

Here is a visual look at the credit card situation in America, which when paired with the poor economy and high unemployment rate, has arguably reached the crisis level.

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12 Bizarre Things That Harm Your Credit Score

Stan Reybern

Knowing the full truth about these counter-intuitive credit score threats can mean the difference between high scores and financial ruin.

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10 Loopholes The CARD Act Didn’t Close

Stan Reybern

On February 22, 2010, credit card users received a much celebrated lift from the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (or CARD Act.) The Act spelled an end to some of the more nefarious practices of banks and creditors

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Planning For Higher Education?


tweetmeme_url = ‘’; Higher education can be extremely costly when you take into account not only tuition, but also living expenses: room and board, food and entertainment, school supplies and textbooks, and the list goes on. It is in your best interest to get an early start on financing your child’s college costs by taking advantage of the widely available

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