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Debit vs Credit Rewards: Which Do You Prefer?

Stan Reybern

Almost everyone loves rewards programs. After all, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for buying things that they presumably would have bought anyway? Though there are many types of rewards programs out there, the two most commonly used are the ones associated with debit cards and credit cards. Most consumers are familiar with the types of rewards offered by credit

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Interchange Fees: What You Should Know

Samantha Eckles

Using debit cards is certainly convenient for consumers, but not quite as practical for business owners who lose revenue to due interchange fees. As a result small businesses might be forced to pass on these fees to their customers. Here is what you should know about interchange fees. click to enlarge

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How Visa Corners The Debit Card Market With Fees

Stan Reybern

Debit cards are such an routine part of commerce these days that we seldom reflect on them. For most consumers, the 2-3 seconds it takes to swipe is about the only time they pay their debit card any mind at all.

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