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Savings in America

Stan Reybern

We all know that we’re supposed to save. You have to save for retirement, emergencies, college, large purchases, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is saving or knows how much they should be saving. During the peak of the housing bubble, the savings rate for Americans dropped to an all time low of .9% – meaning we were saving

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Are you financially literate?

Samantha Eckles

There is no doubt that unscrupulous lending practices were a leading cause of the recent recession. However, those practices would not have been able to happen as easily if consumers were better able to question these abusive practices. While the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s job is to monitor and warn consumers about these practices, they only have limited

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All You Need to Know About Credit Scores

Alex Gutow

When was the last time you checked your credit score? Your credit score describes how well you can manage debt and is used by banks to rate how risky you are to loan money to. An excellent credit score can save you thousands of dollars of interest over time while a poor credit score can prevent you from getting loans

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Myths Versus Facts: Credit Card Usage and Debt

Jonathan Rivers

Given the global financial meltdown, it’s understandable that many are concerned about their own credit card debt and the practices of creditors in general. Unfortunately, these widespread discussions have given rise to numerous myths, half-truths and falsehoods about credit card usage and debt.

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12 Bizarre Things That Harm Your Credit Score

Stan Reybern

Knowing the full truth about these counter-intuitive credit score threats can mean the difference between high scores and financial ruin.

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Americans Are Dumping Debt. Want to Join Them?

Angelica Nierras

The latest figures are in: Americans are dumping debt. According to the Federal Reserve, personal credit card debt is on the decline. Their figures show Americans have paid off a whopping $101.2 billion in debt in the last 14 months. Our own figures here at BillShrink indicate this trend as well. Back in February 2009, 46% of our users noted

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The Global Problem of National Debt

Stan Reybern

Here we take a look at how the US stacks up against many other countries in a variety of different debt-related categories, as well as how the debt was accumulated.

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