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Stop Wasting Your Money on These 25 Things

Jonathan Rivers

There are many ways that people overspend on a regular basis. They include costs that could easily be avoided, or reduced, by customers willing to do some market research, shop around, or plan ahead.

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How the Average U.S. Consumers Spend their Income

Jonathan Rivers

That hard earned money of yours; one minute it is in your pocket, the next minute it is gone. It can be difficult to track the various expenses in your life to figure out exactly what is draining your cash. Taking a look at average consumer spending in the United States gives us an interesting insight into this matter. The

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5 Steps to Combat Holiday Debts and Ward Off Future Relapses

David Tu

Despite the fact that 2008 was a tumultuous financial year and many people took a step back to curb their holiday spending, online holiday spending alone still amounted to about $25.5 billion dollars. According to The Conference Board, over 27 percentage of American households spent over $500 for the holidays — it appears that many people may have extended or

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