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How Visa Corners The Debit Card Market With Fees

Stan Reybern

Debit cards are such an routine part of commerce these days that we seldom reflect on them. For most consumers, the 2-3 seconds it takes to swipe is about the only time they pay their debit card any mind at all.

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ATMs: The Hidden Cost of Convenience

Stan Reybern

ATM fees were not originally passed on to bank customers, but banks have now turned convenience fees into big business. Here’s a look at how the ATM machines and networks have become sophisticated money makers for banks and how you can avoid contributing your hard-earned money to this $2 billion per year segment of the banking industry.

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12 Ways Financial Institutions Screw You Over

Jonathan Rivers

Nothing gets a group of people talking like a good “bank screwed me over” story. Dissatisfaction with banks, credit card issuers and stock brokers is so widespread that entire forums are bursting with complaints and horror stories to which most of us can personally relate.

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The Recession and the American Airline Industry

Stan Reybern

Recent trips to the airport have left me in amazement at the seeming decline in airline provisions and the imposition of new fees on almost every service of value to travelers. Disheartening to say the least, what was once taken for granted can now ding you for a hefty chunk of your hard-earned money. With many airlines struggling to stay

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How Banks Snatch Almost $2 Billion From Us Yearly

Stan Reybern

Many consumers have had the unpleasant experience of overdrawing their bank account.  By delaying deposits and funds transfers for reasons unknown and offering up confusing and contradictory figures for available balance, it sometimes seems as though the bank wants to catch you with insufficient funds. With hefty charges attached to each micro-loan the bank gladly offers, you are left wondering

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