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BlackBerry Storm 3 Appears in the Wild

Erik Chang

Remember the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, the BlackBerry Storm 2? Regardless if you do, Research In Motion is certainly not giving up on a touchscreen-focus device, as the Storm 3 is now appearing in the wild.

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Seven Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets You Probably Shouldn’t Buy

David Tu

Why grab an iPhone when you can grab one encrusted with diamonds? Here’s a list of expensive gadgets for the filthy rich or just plain crazies.

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Great Gadget Gifts for Mother’s Day 2010

Jennifer Jolly

Brunch is nice, but a mother’s enduring love deserves a longer-lasting (and hipper) gift than eggs Benedict and a corsage. Why not give her the gift of gadgets?

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11 Ways to Save Money & the Planet with Amazing Green Gadgets

Jennifer Jolly

This is a guest post by Jennifer Jolly from the Good Idea Gal, who’s all about finding, testing and sharing just plain good advice. From simple ways to save money, get happy and stay healthy, Jennifer will help you discover one thing you can do right now to make your life better. Every single mom I know, whether she means

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iPad vs the Competition: Who Will Win The Tablet War?

Angelica Nierras

The Apple iPad has recently been launched to many positive reviews. Is the Apple iPad truly a “magical and revolutionary product” at an unbelievable price?

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Your iPad or Mine, Baby?

Angelica Nierras

Is it a smartphone? Is it a laptop? No, it’s an iPad! This superdevice, also known as a tablet computer, boasts a single multi-touch screen that allows you to surf the web..

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