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How Accurate Are Gas Pumps?

Samantha Eckles

It seems that our neighbors to the north have been gouged at the gas pumps, and not just by the record high fuel prices. A recent study by the Canadian government revealed that 6% of all gas pumps tested in Canada are inaccurate, with the consumers being overcharged at about two-thirds of the faulty pumps. The testing classifies a pump

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Gas Meter, a Weekly Report


Gas prices may be steep in some states, but the national average is down this week. The retail cost of regular gasoline is down $0.009 cents compared to the same time a week ago, bringing the nation’s average to $2.652 per gallon.

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President Obama to Boost Funding in Clean Energy Research and Development


President Obama plans to boost Federal support for private sector clean energy research and development. On Wednesday, the President met with state Governors to make clear that Energy Policy is at the forefront of the Administration’s agenda and the Fiscal Year 2011 Federal Budget. Mr. Obama said in a statement, “As I said at the State of the Union last

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The Best Times to Make 14 Major Purchases

Samantha Eckles

When it comes to major purchases – like cars, computers, airline tickets – simply buying them “whenever” rarely get you the best deal.

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The Cost Efficiency of Transportation

Jonathan Rivers

Americans are once again paying a hefty premium at the pump, making transportation costs a legitimate expense to consider. One of the largest factors in this evaluation is the fuel efficiency of your chosen mode of transport. When looking at these calculations, it is also important to consider not only the hard numbers, but also your personal lifestyle needs. Are

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15 Wallet Fattening Gas Tips for the Summer

David Tu

As summer continues to chug along, your plans for road trips may be slightly hampered by the usual rise of gasoline prices during the summer.  Here’s a quick list of 15 ways you can keep fuel economy optimal during a season of weekend getaways and road trips.

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How Do Gas Prices Affect How Much We Drive?

Jonathan Rivers

With summer fast approaching, many are getting ready to take advantage of the weather and hop in the car for road trips, family vacations and camping. We also need to get ready for the inevitable price jump that hits gas stations across the country as demand for fuel soars. Yes, it’s that season when prices at the pump mysteriously rise

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