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Top 5 IPOs

Samantha Eckles

2011 seems to be the year of Internet companies going public. From LinkedIn to Groupon to Pandora, it seems like everyday a new startup is filing their SEC or setting a new record with their IPO. However, how are these Internet darlings stacking up against other companies who have gone public in the past? Here is a look at some

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Google Lowers Nexus One Equipment Recovery Fee


The Google Nexus One Phone now has a lower Early Termination Fee for T-Mobile customers. The “Equipment Recovery Fee”, is now $150 USD for a Nexus One owner who chooses to cancel or downgrade within 120 days of activating a T-Mobile Service Plan. The fee is even lower for T-Mobile customers who upgrade their service plan onto a Google Nexus

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Nexus One: Google Phone confirmed with some details

Jonathan Rivers

The rumors are over and the sources have confirmed, the Google Phone that has been talked about for some time now, is going to be released with the name Nexus One. The story that confirmed this was posted on WSJ a couple hours ago. It turns out that the phone will be developed by HTC for Google.

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