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Creating an Ergonomic Workplace

Stan Reybern

Ergonomics has become a buzzword around offices everywhere and for good reason. The proper set up of work equipment can help employees be more productive and prevent injury. While there are a number of firms that specialize in implementing ergonomics in the workplace, they are certainly not a necessity, especially for smaller companies or home offices. Moreover, you also don’t

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Dining On A Budget

Samantha Eckles

Is it cheaper to eat at home… or go out? This elusive question is never easy to answer, as the actual “cost” of a meal depends on what is most valuable to you: your money, your time, or your health.

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7 Ways Recessions Impact Your Health

Samantha Eckles

Everyone knows about the financial burdens of the recession – lost income, layoffs, and depleted investment portfolios – and the people suffering from them. What has not been discussed so often are the health burdens increasingly falling on those very same people. Imagine how terrible it must be to become depressed, be unable to sleep at night, or even suffer

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