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The Growth and Trends of Online Spending

Jonathan Rivers

When the web roared into existence just less than two decades ago, it was clear that it would change how consumers interact and transact with businesses.

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A Historic Look at America’s Grocery Spending Habits

Jonathan Rivers

Through the past decades, technological, educational, and institutional changes have made life easier. With all these wide variety of changes, how has America’s grocery spending habits changed through time?

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Dining On A Budget

Samantha Eckles

Is it cheaper to eat at home… or go out? This elusive question is never easy to answer, as the actual “cost” of a meal depends on what is most valuable to you: your money, your time, or your health.

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How Many Credit Cards Are in Your Wallet?

Stan Reybern

As a double-edged sword, the credit card can be a convenient financial tool that helps you make purchases, but when used irresponsibility, credit cards can also quickly become your worst financial nightmare.

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Television in America: Evolution of the American Couch Potato

Stan Reybern

Ninety-nine percent of the American household has a television set. Without a doubt, the television is one of the major influential technologies in recent history.

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How Much Do Americans Save

Stan Reybern

How much money does the average American have in their savings account, and how does that compare against other nations?

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The Financial Game of LIFE

Alex Gutow

From IRAs to emergency funds, it can be pretty difficult to figure out what you should be doing with your money at each stage of life. Play through the game of financial life and pick up a lesson or two!

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